95% of our orders are ready for shipment within 2-4 weeks of placing the order.
We inform you about the exact expected completion date each time at the valuation preparation stage.


Like mosaics, all sample kits are produced on request.
We need a maximum of 48 hours for their preparation.


The delivery time of the order depends on the selected method:

  • Delivery by courier – package – delivery time is 1 day
  • Delivery by courier – pallet – delivery time is 1-3 days

Both picking in our warehouses and courier parcel delivery only takes place on business days.


When selecting this method, we will contact you to arrange a convenient pick-up time.

Our warehouse does not accept payments (cash or by credit card). Personal pickup is only available for orders previously paid for by bank transfer or PayU.

The delivery terms described apply to transport in Poland.
If you want to order a mosaic to another country, write to us at We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and provide individual delivery terms.


WeightPayment method
Transfer, PayUCash on Delivery
Delivery by courier – package (delivery: 1-2 days)
30 kg19 zł24 zł
60 kg38 zł43 zł
90 kg54 zł59 zł
Delivery by courier – pallet (delivery: 1-3 days)
200 kg142 zł147 zł
400 kg153 zł158 zł
600 kg164 zł169 zł
1000 kg183 zł188 zł
Personal collection
0 zł