Click “FREE QUOTE” on the selected pattern page and fill out the form to start the mosaic process. Provide the exact dimensions, preferably in the form of a .pdf file with a view of the wall.
You can describe the colours changes or design you would like to make in the notes.

Make an inquiry through the “My Mosaic” product if you want us to prepare an individual project.
Send guidelines on aesthetics and inspiration in the form, in addition to dimensions.


We carefully analyze the submitted materials and start working on the project. You will receive an email from us after 2-3 days with a link to an individual cart. We present in it the mosaic offer together with the exact valuation and date of implementation. You will be able to accept the project and move to payment advance or submit comments based on which we will modify the project.


We commence production after approval of the project.
The standard deadline is up to 4 weeks. If we need more time, we will let you know about this at the stage of presenting the project.

The mosaic is delivered to the construction site in the form of numbered sheets with appropriate documentation.

Remember that at every step we are at your disposal. Please contact us if you have any questions, difficulties or problems. We can help.