Tenement building in Lublin

Elevation at Biłgorajska St.

The mosaic in Stare Bronowice, a district of Lublin, was commissioned by ‘Rewiry’, a Socially Engaged Art Workshop.
The creation of the mosaic was part of a series of artistic and cultural activities aimed at revitalizing the district.
The author of the project is Katarzyna Bogucka.

Customer Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
Project Katarzyna Bogucka (nioska.com)
Pracownia Sztuki Zaangażowanej REWIRY started working with Trufle Mozaiki from the concept of covering the whole tenement building (over 70 square meters!) in Lublin’s Bronowice..

The involvement of the Trufle Mozaiki owners with the technological possibilities at their disposal.
A great e-mail and telephone contact in cooperation with the author of the project Katarzyna Bogucka, the splendid Polish designer.
Cooperation with Lublin surveyors in tenement sizing and detailed assembly instructions for the contractors.
All this has meant that the mosaic could be created in Lublin, becoming a spectacular success attracting the attention not only of the city’s inhabitants, but also of the nationwide press.

We strongly recommend the Trufle Mozaiki company for cooperation and you will receive not only a helpful and reliable partner, but also a beautiful product that will meet all expectations for years to come

Anna Bakiera, Szymon Pietrasiewicz Pracownia Sztuki Zaangażowanej Społecznie REWIRY.