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Pool Logo

Emphasize the unique character of the place, which is associated with relaxation and rest. Promote a premium brand at the same time. We can custom produce a pool mosaic with the logo of the hotel or spa. Our mosaics are perfect for this role! The design of a hotel swimming pool or SPA area must meet many tasks. The key is safety, anti-slip surface and hygiene, or ease of cleaning the pool tiles. What also counts is an original, yet timeless look. Pool mosaic from Trufle has it all! For interior designers and managers of hotels and spas, we have prepared something more. The possibility of promoting their own brand through a pool mosaic with the logo of the object. With the mosaic from Trufle your hotel pool or spa area will gain a unique look. And at the same time, you will show your guests that your place is unique.

Secret Garden

Pool mosaic with a unique leaf pattern will be an eye-catching accent to the relaxation and spa area in the residence or hotel. The subtle botanical motif will turn an ordinary pool into a sophisticated space inspired by the beauty of nature. We recommend this motif especially for architectural projects where nature plays a major role! Mosaic with a leaf motif can be prepared in any size. We can easily fit it to a small pool, but also to a large project. Each cube has a satin finish, which makes it easy to clean and is extremely pleasant to the touch. Our mosaic is also available in an anti-slip version, with abrasive microgranules embedded in each cube. Do you need a pool mosaic with a floral pattern for your project, but would a slightly different motif suit you better? No problem! We will make a mosaic in any size and with any pattern for your order!


A pool mosaic with a unique coral motif is a natural and abstract pattern. It looks just as good in an intimate, home spa area as it does in a large pool. Our coral mosaic will introduce exotic accents and add character to a modern piece. Choose it if you require a unique motif for a unique project. We can prepare the mosaic in any size. If you are searching for a different pattern, we will be happy to make a mosaic on your individual order. We also make it in an anti-slip version, and the satin, pleasant to the touch finish makes it easy to keep the mosaic clean.

Memphis Round

Pool mosaic, which attracts the eye with an abstract, geometric motif made of waves, circles, and dots. An interesting pattern will work well in the design of modern residences. It will add character to the home spa area and enliven the space. It will also appeal to lovers of modernist inspirations. Mosaic is suitable for any size. It has a satin finish, so it is pleasant to the touch and easy to keep clean. Its great advantage is anti-slip. We achieve this effect by embedding abrasive microgranules in the top layer of each cube. If you want a different pattern, we will be happy to prepare any pool mosaic to your order!


A decorative pool mosaic pattern that will fit perfectly into modern or minimalist architectural designs. We created this motif based on classic blue and navy cubes. However, we arranged them in abstract waves and stripes. They will enliven the space and give it an intriguing character.

This mosaic is perfect for the design of a home spa area. It will also be a unique accent in the hotel pool or any other interior where quality workmanship and design counts. It is perfect for larger and smaller spaces – we can prepare it in any size! Our mosaic has a slightly satin finish, which makes it easier to keep clean, and it is also available in an anti-slip version!

Do you need a different pattern for your project? We will make a mosaic with any motif on your order.