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Reflections Water 1

A mosaic from the Refleksy collection, designed to reflect the subtle and natural pattern of the Polish landscape with water in the lead role. A sandy beach by the river. Shimmering surface of a lake. A stream flowing lazily through a summer meadow. You like views like this, don't you? We do too. That's why we made this mosaic to resemble just such a landscape. This mosaic is dominated by white, which we broke with blues, grays and the sunny color of sand. The motif is abstract and light, it will be perfect on a smaller, but also very large surface.

Reflections Water 4

Abstract and light mosaic pattern, which we designed inspired by the play of light on the surface of water. A lake at dusk is a popular image. Do you think it's even trashy? But come on, do you know a better way to spend your time than an evening by the lake and quietly watching thousands of colorful reflections go off on its surface? Nature is never trashy, at least that's what we think at Trufle. In our mosaic we have mixed unobvious blues, light greys, beiges and pinks with strong purples and the navy blue of the evening sky. You can use this mosaic pattern even on a very large surface, and it will work both on the wall and on the floor.

Reflections Winter 6

An abstract and strong mosaic pattern for the wall. Contrasting, because we were inspired by the winter landscape. On pure white snow, any color will stand out. Just like here - a flat strip of white meets a sheet of intense saturated shades of blue, navy and dark green, which are enlivened by accents of gold. Our winter pattern is perfect for finishing even very large surfaces!

Reflections Summer 3

An abstract and subtle mosaic we designed to celebrate the beautiful landscape you'll see when you travel outside any Polish city in July or August. Sunny reflections, fields of grain, faded green of grass, fruits ripening in the heat. And of course the surface of water, because it's hard to imagine a holiday without a refreshing swim, isn't it? Our summer mosaic has warm tones, with light and dark beiges, shades of blue and touches of brown, red and dark green. You can even use it on a very large surface!