What are the Truffles made of?

We use cubes in two shapes: square and hexagonal. The mosaic is made in Europe using recyclable materials. The glass used to make cubes is coloured in mass, thanks to which the colours are durable.

For indoor and outdoor use

For walls and floors

Non-slip version available

Produced from recycled glass

4mm thick

23 mm wide

grout width 2mm

Square and hexagonal cube

Colur palette

Technical Specifications

Water Absorption (E)

ISO 10545:3
Required: E ≤ 0,5%
Achieved: E ≤ 0,1%

Resistance to deep abrasion

ISO 10545:6

Required: 393 mm³ Type 5: for use in high
pedestrian traffic areas

Achieved: 215 mm³

Resistance to to thermal shock

ISO 10545:6
Result: Resistant

Frost resistance

ISO 10545:12
Result: Frost resistant

Resistance to chemicals (low concentrations)

ISO 10545:13
Declared by a producer: ULA

Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts

ISO 10545:13
Minimum: UB
Achieved: UA

Stain resistance

ISO 10545:14
Minimum: Class 3
Achieved: Class 5

Scratch hardness (Mohs)

PN-EN 101:1991
Minimum: 6
Achieved: 6

Slip resistance (Pendulum)*

DIN 51097:1992
Angle: 21º
Result: Class B

*applies to the non-slip version

Slip resistance (TORTUS)*

ISO/DIS 10545-17:1998
Fs: 0,84
Fh: 0,80
Result: Excellent

*applies to the non-slip version

Slip resistance (barefoot)*

DIN 51130:2004
Angle: 13,6º
Result: R10

*applies to the non-slip version

Slip resistance (wearing shoes)

DIN 51130:2004
Kąt: 13,6º
Wynik: R10

*dotyczy wersji antypoślizgowej


Assembly Instructions