Let the interior tell your story


Trufle here!

You are working on an important interior project. You want it to be of the highest quality, unique, outside the box. You are thinking about a non-standard solution that will take your project to a new, higher level. You are looking for a strong accent that will visually define the space. However, you are afraid of unforeseen difficulties, high costs and time involved.

Now imagine that there is a solution that allows for free creation and at the same time gives 100% influence on each designed pixel. The time needed for the execution of the order is possible to determine and does not take more than 4 weeks. It is made of a sustainable, recycled material, is affordable and contractors know how to work with it.

The answer is Trufle, that is individually designed glass mosaics. We have been doing this for 8 years and we are open to share our experience. We know what you expect when working with us. We offer fast and efficient design, creative search for the best solution, as well as substantive support during execution works.

Familiarize yourself with our projects made of glass mosaic.

If you want to consult an idea, ask a question or evaluate a project, do not wait, contact us.

Any design

Use tiles like pixels. You are only limited by your imagination.

Project for free

You will always receive the idea and valuation of the project from us for free.

Recycled glass

Trufle are green! Only recycled glass is used for the production of the mosaic.

Made in EU

Trufle are made of materials produced in the European Union.

How do we work?

Do you want to order a mosaic? Find out how we work on your project.

How do we work?

Do you want to order a mosaic? Find out how we work on your project.