Mosaic designed by artists,

assembled by robot.


Develop a unique mosaic pattern with us - according to your idea. Tell us about it and we will look for the best solution.


Select from ready-made mosaic images, classic geometric patterns or multi-coloured mixes.



A basic and universal mosaic pattern. A simple, neutral background. In your project it will create a classic, elegant and toned down space. The regularity of the small glass tiles and the repeatability of the pattern also give great scope for creation.

The regular "dotted" pattern of the mosaic looks like a comic paper from the old days. Think of it as an open space for your imagination! With the right choice of colors, the mosaic works particularly well as a filling for large areas - the larger, the more striking.


Most people dream about flying, and they like it very much. We want to take flight too! But not high above the clouds - just above a colorful, blooming meadow. Wander unhurriedly among the scents, from flower to flower, like a spring bee.

The simple pattern of this timeless and very classic mosaic offers the opportunity to "play" with colors. This pattern is particularly suitable for floors, but you can also use it to add a touch of color to a wall. With this mosaic you can also highlight everything that you can't hide!


Why do we like to look at the seashore or a green meadow? After all, we are not looking for a flurry of impressions there. In a simple landscape we slow down. In the repetitive, unhurried rhythm we can find peace.

The harmony of the simple, gently "vibrating" pattern of this mosaic can be positively hypnotic. Placed on the floor, it will be a great reference to classic carpets. On the wall, a mosaic with this pattern will add dynamism and energy to even the most banal space.


From an early age we like to play with rhythm. Children jump on paving stones, clap their hands, sing nursery rhymes. Regularity is inscribed in our human nature. This mosaic pattern will give your interior repetition and rhythm, which will be hard to resist. It works perfectly as a very classic mosaic pattern on the floor. If you decide to finish a wall in your home, office, café or restaurant, the expressive and original mosaic will highlight the character of the interior


A softer cousin of Veli. Geometrically spaced and darker accents give a sense of depth. They look like a calm and starry sky. Reach for this mosaic pattern when you want to optically expand the space of a hotel lobby, a modern office or any other room. It is irreplaceable wherever aesthetic neutrality and subtlety are needed. At the same time an interesting background for architectural madness or an original detail of interiors.


In a spring forest, with a mosaic of white anemones, there is occasional blue hellebore. Nature's recipe for a unique spectacle is a combination of hundreds of similar shapes and colors, broken up from time to time by a colorful accent. Simple and effective! With this mosaic you will create in your interior the simplest definition of a flower meadow.

Experiment with colors and let the tiny colorful dots of the mosaic wink at your guests in the café, restaurant, hotel lobby or in any other project where you place it! The more contrasting the colors, the greater the dynamic. If you choose similar mosaic colors, you will get a calmer, but still remarkable background.


This mosaic pattern combines the playfulness of geometry with a casual floral motif. We designed it for those who like to have their cake and eat it too: if you like simple and repetitive patterns and at the same time are tempted by botanical inspirations, you can combine them on the wall with the help of such a motif.

The classic and simple pattern is particularly suitable for large surfaces such as floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, cafés and hotel lobbies. In our opinion, it looks best in the black&white version, but you are in charge - we will prepare it for you in the color scheme you need.


A hidden message encoded in pulsating lines? A note in a mysterious language or a zero-one computer code? With a little imagination, the simple sequences of single-colored squares in this mosaic can be a witty puzzle.

A mosaic with a predominance of dark tones, rich and so allowing more color to be introduced into the interior. Used on the wall or floor, it also gives the possibility of optically enlarging the interior or gently pointing out the direction.


This mosaic is the simplest definition of dynamic. We like to think of it as a bit of a rebel among the other patterns in the Basic Collection. Characterful and full of energy. The predatory, but still geometric lines will make any interior look bolder. And yet, a wall or floor with this pattern will work well even in classic designs. It is a mosaic that brings life into a space. It calls out: "We act!", "Life pulses within us!". It transforms banal rooms into vibrant interiors.



Traditionally, the mosaic goes to the bathroom for the shower or to the kitchen, between the cabinets.
However, there are many more options.
The possibility to create any image is creatively used by architects to provide individual character to public facilities such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Truffles are combined into sheets using a specialized foil.
This causes the mosaic to make contact with the ground over its entire surface.
If you add the frost resistance of the cube to this, you will obtain material for use in the most demanding projects i.e. as a swimming pool mosaic and on elevations.