Your own design

Create a perfect mosaic for your interior project. Realize your idea through our technology. Small or large, bathroom or facade - everything is possible.

60 colors

Palette tiles in 60 colors and two shapes (square, hexagon) gives free rein to the creativity and ingenuity. The use of high quality glass ensures that the result will be pleasing to the eye for many years.


In cooperation with artists and designers we create collections of ready-to-use patterns. You can also use them as inspiration for further research. Design quality has been recognized and awarded.

How to design your own mosaic

We have developed our own innovative technology for design and assembling of mosaic that allows us to obtain quickly and accurately nearly any desirable pattern.


Contact us by form, phone or email. Tell us about your interior project. To start inital design required the dimensions of the wall or floor and inspiration. The inspiration to create the mosaic may be design from Trufle collections, sketch or any photo.
Based on gathered information we prepare and send a draft design and quote.

2-3 days


The design draft goes into a further detailed study where all the required changes are made. The result is a mosaic design ready for production. At the request of the customer, we send a sample piece of mosaic.

1-2 weeks


The approved design goes to the production. The mosaic is prepared in sheets for self assembly. Each sheet is appropriately labeled.

4 weeks


Final product is neatly secured before shipment. In the event of unexpected losses during transportation or installation we also attach spare set of tiles. We ship worldwide.

2 days

Have an idea on new mosaic?

Want to see how mosaic can look like in your project? Contact us, free of charge we prepare a preliminary draft.

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