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Bespoke Mosaic

Order bespoke mosaics design according to your own idea. Fill out the inquiry form and send us guidelines on the basis of which we will prepare your individual project free of charge. In the form, in addition to dimensions, send guidelines on aesthetics and inspiration. You will receive an email with a link to your individual cart after 2-3 days. We will present in it mosaic proposals along with the exact valuation and date of implementation. You will be able to accept the project and move to advance payment or submit comments, based on which we will modify the project.

Banana Tree

Breakfast in the tropics? Why not! A botanical mosaic with a pattern of banana leaves will be an interesting accent in the restaurant, office, café or hotel lobby. It is also perfect for home interiors. It will be loved by nature lovers and those who want to have a piece of nature even in the center of a big city. The first encounter with a tree, which we normally associate with the sweet taste and smell of bananas, is usually surprising. The size of this tropical plant is impressive. Our mosaic is no different. It looks best as a large pattern, but, if you wish, we will prepare it in any size you choose.


This mosaic is a strong and modern, yet very natural design for the wall. Cacti from the deserts of Arizona or Mexico are one of the longest living plants on Earth. They grow slowly, but usually only bloom in full sunlight and for only a few hours. Our mosaic with green cacti on a white background will also look best in a bright interior, which will bring out the subtle beauty of this pattern. We recommend this mosaic especially for the walls of a modern bathroom, but also for an office in a biophilic design style or for a restaurant for nature lovers. We will make it for you in any size!


Remember that moment after a calm spring rain, when the sun and water drops on green leaves create a unique spectacle. This is exactly the moment we wanted to capture when we designed our mimosa leaf mosaic. A soothing green background and sun-gilded drops. The Mimosa mosaic pattern highlights the true artistry of nature. It also allows for a fantastic play of color on the wall. It is clear and geometric, and the great design possibilities make it easy to use it in residential as well as commercial interior design.


The monstera is a tropical beauty from the evergreen forests of Central America. Our mosaic monstera can also impress travelers. Especially if you give it enough space to spread its giant leaves!

This exotic plant is a manifestation of Mother Nature's unbridled imagination. Do you like the monstera as a dominant element in a biophilic design office or in the home of a nature lover? See how it looks on the wall in the form of a mosaic! We know that a tropical jungle of tiny glass cubes is a bold idea for a wall. But if you are looking for a green, strong and juicy accent in urban jungle style for your project, we will prepare it for you in any size.

Maya Bay

We designed this wall mosaic pattern so that even in the middle of the saddest November, your heart can be on the sandy beaches of Thailand. Juicy, citrusy yellows. The turquoise of the seawater. The deep green of palm leaves. If you think it's been a while since you've taken a trip, we'll be happy, because that's exactly what our goal was! You know the saying, right? "Who lives sees, but who travels sees more". Our mosaic encourages new expeditions. And it also adds character, lushness and a holiday flair to interiors. Our mosaic works well on the walls of a café or restaurant, but also in the kitchen or bathroom of a travel lover. We will prepare it to the size you need!

Feather Field

We came up with this multicolored wall mosaic motif in pastel pinks, purples and beiges, because it is hard to find a more beautiful picture than fragrant fields of heather. Do you remember the book „The Secret Garden” from your childhood? "It smells o’ honey an’ there’s such a lot o’ fresh air—an’ th’ sky looks so high." Our mosaic heather on the wall of a restaurant, café, hotel interior or elegant living room can bring that magic to your interior. The mosaic you see now was made to a height of 2,60 m, but we will prepare any size for you.


Did you know that tropical equatorial forests are the largest and most diverse ecosystems on Earth? Nowhere else does life pulse so strongly. It is this diversity that we wanted to reflect when designing this mosaic pattern. Our mosaic is as intense and colorful as the tropical forests it depicts. It certainly won't work in your every project. But there are interiors where such an accent on the wall will shine like the most beautiful flower from the depths of the Amazonian selva or the uncharted jungles of India and Cambodia. What size do you need for your project? We will be happy to prepare it!


A fragrant summer meadow, the buzzing of bees and fields of red field poppies. If you think "summer", you probably have this image in mind. And so do we. That's why we created a mosaic for the wall with a subtle and delicate poppy field. Our mosaic has a soft color scheme with reds, yellows and beige. So it warms up the interior and adds a casual vibe, which we think would be a good idea in a vintage style café or a nature lover's home for example. But it's your project, you decide. We can prepare it for you in the size you need.

Beige Palm

If you like botanical motifs in your interiors, but at the same time you prefer subdued patterns and earthy colors, you'll like this mosaic. We've included a palm leaf motif, but "toned down" it with a soft color palette dominated by beiges, grays, steel blues and browns. It makes this mosaic pattern modern and less obvious than other botanical patterns. The mosaic works well as a subtle interior decoration of an office or hotel lobby, as well as on the walls of a bathroom, kitchen or living room. We will prepare it in any size!


Succulents are plants that have learned to store water like no other on Earth. Our mosaic with succulent pattern has a lot to do with water. We composed it from shades of turquoise, emerald and navy blue, to which we added a juicy dark green. It will work well in the bathroom, but especially in projects that put biophilic design and natural style first. The pattern you see is prepared for a height of 2,60 m, but we can easily design it for you for the wall dimension you need.


A basic and universal mosaic pattern. A simple, neutral background. In your project it will create a classic, elegant and toned down space. The regularity of the small glass tiles and the repeatability of the pattern also give great scope for creation.

The regular "dotted" pattern of the mosaic looks like a comic paper from the old days. Think of it as an open space for your imagination! With the right choice of colors, the mosaic works particularly well as a filling for large areas - the larger, the more striking.


Most people dream about flying, and they like it very much. We want to take flight too! But not high above the clouds - just above a colorful, blooming meadow. Wander unhurriedly among the scents, from flower to flower, like a spring bee.

The simple pattern of this timeless and very classic mosaic offers the opportunity to "play" with colors. This pattern is particularly suitable for floors, but you can also use it to add a touch of color to a wall. With this mosaic you can also highlight everything that you can't hide!


Why do we like to look at the seashore or a green meadow? After all, we are not looking for a flurry of impressions there. In a simple landscape we slow down. In the repetitive, unhurried rhythm we can find peace.

The harmony of the simple, gently "vibrating" pattern of this mosaic can be positively hypnotic. Placed on the floor, it will be a great reference to classic carpets. On the wall, a mosaic with this pattern will add dynamism and energy to even the most banal space.


From an early age we like to play with rhythm. Children jump on paving stones, clap their hands, sing nursery rhymes. Regularity is inscribed in our human nature. This mosaic pattern will give your interior repetition and rhythm, which will be hard to resist. It works perfectly as a very classic mosaic pattern on the floor. If you decide to finish a wall in your home, office, café or restaurant, the expressive and original mosaic will highlight the character of the interior